Since its start in 1998, more than 1000 children have benefited from this program, with the majority of them finding jobs, building careers and going on to build productive, independent lives. Since so many of the beneficiaries are children with no parents or legal guardians, and are from underfunded orphanages, the impact has been significant since they now have the proper skills and means to support themselves. Without this program, many from this underserved population who are aging out of these orphanages are at an increased risk of transitioning back into poverty.
In deciding to support this program, Harold and Josephine Gulamerian targeted a population that is often overlooked in Armenia and recognized the profound impact it could have on bringing up a generation of citizens who could be given the skills necessary to actively participate in Armenia’s nation building. It reflects their shared belief that by empowering Armenia’s youth with education, they would start on a new path toward a more productive and fulfilling life that would simultaneously benefit the Armenian nation, as well.